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Ron Brown's Best Amazing Steady Rest 20% OFF Continued-Limited Time

Using a steady rest eliminated most all vibration and chatter on thin spindles. When the wall on a bowl gets thin it tends to vibrate and rough cuts are the result. A steady can eliminate that vibration and give a much better finish cut. With taller vessels further away from the chuck, the more leverage works against you and the more likely you are to pull the vessel off-center. It doesn't take much to make a huge difference in concentricity.

  • I have re-designed these steady rests for strength and accessibility.
  • They open completely by removing one bolt and loosening another.
  • All adjustments are toolless.
  • The bases are all 80/20 extruded aluminum, are 1 inch thick and 3 inches wide with multiple channels to mount accessories.
  • The wheels are all equipped with dual ABEC7 bearings.
  • If you turn a lot replacement wheels are widely available for $5 to $9 each including new bearings.
  • 3 Sizes are available to fit most size wood lathes up to 20" - (10/12, 14/16, 18,20)

Longworth Chuck Type 2 10% OFF,

1) Question Which one is better, Longworth or Doughnut?

Answer) It depends on the shape of the vessel. For traditional smaller bowls & plates, the Longworth Style is more self-centering and a bit faster to set up. You still have to use the tailstock for extra support until you get down to the last 1” or so.

Answer) For larger plates, platters or bowls, the doughnut chuck provides a more secure hold. You have to take care to make sure the vessel is centered and setup takes a bit longer.

Answer) For vessels which are more vases like (taller rather than shorter) the doughnut chuck is a clear winner.

ii) The Type 2 is equipped with a threaded faceplate and threads directly onto the lathe spindle.

iii) An OPTIONAL accessory is a set of Doughnut rings for use with the Type 2 Longworth Style Chuck only. The Type 2 chuck may be used in the traditional Longworth scrolling mode or as a traditional Doughnut Chuck with doughnut rings.

Hollowing Stabilizer $169.99,

What if I told you I have invented a new tool rest that would eliminate catches when hollowing Christmas Ornament Globes, turned lidded boxes, all manner of hollow forms up to as deep as about 10", or any other cut where you would normally use a hollowing tool, i.e. scraper? What if I told you it costs about 40% less than you would expect to pay? What if I told you it would be especially helpful to new turners and folks with limited physical strength due to medical issues. What if I told you it would work with hollowing tools (including carbide scrapers like EasyWood) that you already own? What if I told you you could use it with any sized lathe from 10" up to 26"?

Amazing Off Center Chuck 10% OFF,

I have re-designed the original Amazing Off-Center Chuck and it is now more versatile and easier to use. The Unique Full Sized Amazing Off-Center Chuck is available with two different thread pitches, 1x8 and 1-1/4x8. Or, if necessary, a combination of the two spindle sizes.

Various off-center chucks are available in the marketplace but deal with smaller pieces for the most part. I offer a different off-center jig suitable for pendants and other smaller items. Robert Sorby offers an off-center unit, but it has no accommodation for using a full-sized scroll chuck as the Amazing Off-Center Chuck does. It is also quite a bit more expensive than the Amazing Off-Center Chuck™

Sharpening By Ron Brown's Best 10% OFF and FREE SHIPPING WITH ORDER OVER $50.00

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